Streetlamp Fans Sing Praises on Ticketmaster

Streetlamp Fans Sing Praises on Ticketmaster

As we near our PBS Broadcast premiere, we’re just bursting with anticipation. And it looks like some of you share our countdown fever! Fans are sounding-off on Ticketmaster and predicting big things for Under the Streetlamp.

Barb 0809 says: “As soon as PBS airs this concert, they will be loved nationwide. These four men are so talented and truly have star quality.”

Nalafan cheers: “These guys have worked so hard to get to where they are and their passion shows on stage! They truly love to have a good time and their music is infectious. They are embarking on the ride of their lives and are bound to live as true rock stars! Before long, they will be a household name!”

And Daisygirl1740 exclaims: “What a great show! Had us rockin’ in our seats! Their voices were beyond amazing & their stage presence was so entertaining! They are very versatile young men who will go very far. Their singing & acting abilities are wonderful. We would definitely see them again & certainly hope they return to our area!!”

We ‘re so grateful for you. Keep smiling, friends!

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