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2nd PBS Special in Rehearsal

The Under the Streetlamp crew is in the final stages of rehearsal for its upcoming Sept. 7 taping for a PBS special at Chicagoland’s Star Plaza Theatre.

Concert camaraderie: Streetlamp promises fresh mix of musical fun for 2nd PBS concert taping

NWI TIMES: Entertainer Michael Cunio promises audiences a party at every performance of Under the Streetlamp, the skyrocketed foursome of talented young singers introduced as new stage faces just two years ago. ”Fans already know what to expect, and can count on a mix of favorite songs they know and love,” Cunio explained last week during a break in rehearsals at Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, where he will perform Saturday with his three crooning counterparts before television cameras and plenty of applause. ”Add to the experience fresh musical numbers and some surprises and it’s like a party where everyone is invited.”

Streetlamp Fall Tour Dates Announced

Streetlamp finally hits Seattle, and much, much more. Find out when the quartet’s coming to a town near you. Check Calendar…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael & Angela Ingersoll

METROPOLIS INSIDER: Metropolis Performing Arts Centre is proud to welcome home our favorite Jersey Boy Michael Ingersoll, along with his adorable wife Angela. The pair are set to serenade MPAC audiences Saturday, June 22, with their hilarious and heartwarming concert My Baby Just Cares For Me. In anticipation of the big night, we caught up with Michaelangela (can we call them by their celebrity couple name?) at home in Los Angeles to collect some juicy facts you may not know.

“Here We Come a Wassailing”

Under The Streetlamp, the four recent cast members of Jersey Boys, bring Santa Claus back to town. Our Christmas album, “Every Day’s A Holiday” is available for purchase on http://underthestreetlamp.com

Press: Chicago Confidential

Michael Ingersoll, 29, wasn’t born and bred on Broadway. A native of Dayton, Ohio, he didn’t spe[more]

The Beast, A&E

Michael appears opposite Patrick Swayze in A&E’s The Beast. His scene can be found at minu[more]

Under the Streetlamp on Access Hollywood Live

Thanks for tuning in to Access Hollywood Live! If you love the music of the American Radio Songbook [more]

San Francisco Giants National Anthem

The San Francisco Jersey Boys are honored to sing our National Anthem for Opening Day  of the ̵[more]

Jersey Boys on Oprah

The Chicago cast of Jersey Boys featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. This special retro episode also [more]

WJJG: Kevin Moore Show

Enjoy an in-depth interview with Michael Ingersoll by Kevin Moore [more]

Under the Streetlamp Basks in Retro Sunlight

(Reuters) – One Direction, who? The Wanted, what? Their music is kids’ stuff. As a new w[more]

Press: Chicago Jersey Boy Ingersoll is Grateful, Blessed, & Ready For A Vacation!

“Losing your job is never easy,” said Chicago actor and Jersey Boy Michael Ingersoll abo[more]

Reuters Entertainment

We stopped by the Reuters Entertainment studio for an interview and mini-performance. Take a look! [more]

Georgia Boot Commercials

A Series of national commercials for Georgia Boot directed by Iddo Patt. [more]