Press: Chicago Jersey Boy Ingersoll is Grateful, Blessed, & Ready For A Vacation!

Press: Chicago Jersey Boy Ingersoll is Grateful, Blessed, & Ready For A Vacation!

“Losing your job is never easy,” said Chicago actor and Jersey Boy Michael Ingersoll about the announcement that Jersey Boys will close on January 10, 2010.

By the time the show closes Ingersoll will have played Jersey Boy Nick Massi eight times a week for three years without stopping. Eight times a week for three years. That’s… a lot. When asked what he was planning to do after it closes in January, he responded,

“I might take a trip with my wife.”

Good answer. Give the Jersey Boy a vacation! He deserves it. Though he would never say that. Ingersoll expressed nothing but deep gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this show from opening to closing announcement. The experience has completely changed his life from allowing him to escape the hand to mouth living, give back to the community and by providing many “pinch me” moments- such as performing on Leno to sitting down with Oprah.

About the Oprah moment, Ingersoll said: “She wasn’t even going to interview us, but after we did our three song medley she was so excited about it she sat us down.” The Chicago Jersey Boys performed on a 60s themed Oprah show that included the cast of Mad Men and aired on September 21, 2009.

On the subject of the show closing:

“If I am shocked, that is totally my fault,” Ingersoll said about the announcement.

Though Ingersoll said he would not have been surprised if the show had made it into the spring until Billy Elliot arrived, he feels that it was a good decision to allow the show to finish strong and “leave them wanting just a little bit more.”

When a show like this closes, it’s more common for everyone to get only a week or two weeks’ notice. In this case, they were given four months. “The producers and Broadway In Chicago were gracious to give us this much time. They could have chosen to take it week by week. But they didn’t do that. I think that also shows respect for our dedication. ”

And though he hasn’t been in an audition for three years, he’ll get along somehow.

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